The Thai Wire Products Public Company Limited(TWP) manufactures and sells P.C.Wire of international standards for application in various kinds of construction work demanding strength and durability due to the enormous weights involved. Some of the pre-tensioned and post-tensioned construction applications include prestressed concrete piles used in building, elevated highways and bridges , prestressed concrete electric poles and prefabricated concrete slabs for the wall and bridges. Such applications of P.C.Wire result in saving of both time and labor in construction. The company also produces the galvanized Steel Wire and Strand, which are used mainly in communication systems and in electricity transmission and distribution systems in such applications as ground wire and reinforcement for electric cables.

Our products:

1. Steel Wire for Prestressed Concrete
2. Steel Wires Strand for Prestressed Concrete
3. Galvanized Steel Wire
4. Galvanized Steel Wires Strand
5. Cold Drawn Steel Wire for Concrete Reinforcement
6. Hard Drawn Steel Wire
7. Ordinary Low Carbon Steel Wire